Ethan and the cat…

We are on day 11 of both my kids being sick.  Ethan has been sick the full 11 days and Eden Jo is on day 5.  Last night Eden Jo’s temp got all the way up to 103.9.  Not what I want to see.  But as a mom, you keep doing what you do, which sometimes I forget what we do out of exhaustion but I keep doing it.  Right moms??

This cute little guy has been keeping both my kids entertained since we got him in the mail.  Hullabalu, which kicks off October 1st (but you can sign up for the referral system now) is a toy site that will be making their own toys with a hand-picked selection of the best stuffed animals.  I tried getting some cute picks of Ethan and “Charles Cheever” the cat, but Ethan just wanted to pose like this.  Understandable.

(My wallpaper is from Tempaper.)

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  1. So sorry to hear they’ve been sick for so long! It is understandable that you would be completely exhausted! Hope things turn around for you today – Get well soon little ones!