Little Boys room via Simply Grove


Ethan’s Bedroom Reveal

Little Boys room via Simply Grove

One room in our house that I haven’t blogged about yet is our son Ethan’s bedroom. It’s not even close to being done but I thought I would show you what we have so far. Because my passion is styling, I am constantly re-styling everything. In fact, this room already looks a little different. As do some of our other rooms. It’s a sickness…I know.

For Ethan’s room, we chose to paint it Baby Seal Black from Benjamin Moore, which as you can see is actually a dark blue. I’m obsessed with this color! Eventually he will have a loft where those top closet doors are. The room is small so we can’t put a whole lot of stuff in there, but that is OK! Ethan is naturally a collector of everything and anything, so less is best for him.

All sources listed below.

Little Boys room via Simply Grove

Little Boys room via Simply Grove

When styling a little boys room, some of the best spots for accessories are thrift store, antique shops and even garage sales. I have found so many cute accessories for both of my kids rooms without breaking the bank. Below are some easy items to spot and use to fill bookshelves, dresser surfaces, walls and side tables.

  1. Globes
  2. Animal Figurines
  3. Vintage posters
  4. Ceramics and pottery
  5. Vintage and Perisian Rugs
  6. Macrame
  7. Vintage picture books
  8. Vintage travel books

Little Boys room via Simply Grove


Paint- Benjamin Moore

American Flag Blanket- in2green

Duvet and Pillow Sham- Flanuer

Vintage Poster- Boise Vintage

Copper Sconce- Barn Light Electric

Forest Art Print- Walls Need Love

Everything else is vintage.

Photography: Hailey Wilson

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