Ethan’s Picks…

My son has more style than I do.  He is constantly wanting to go shopping for skinny jeans, new golf shirts and wooden cars that he can paint.  (He also has a shoe fetish….majorly!!!)  It is so fun to browse the web with him.  Right now he is way into modern bunk beds, fun and playful lunch ideas, and car decals.

via Apartment Therapy, Pinterest and re-nest.

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Comments (5)

  1. That’s just awesome… and scary! Shoe fetish=$$, I should know, I have one, too!

    He’s the cutest! He has great style, for sure. He must get it from SOMEONE…. 😉

  2. can anyone figure out how those floating bunks are floating? i told my husband i wanted them for our cabin but he says “impossible.” and so does our general contractor.

    i say “bah!”