Are you a member of Fab yet??  Fab is the only flash sale site featuring daily design deals from the world’s leading designers at up to 70% off retail, launches today.  Fab’s mission– to make both veteran design and up and coming design attainable to everyone by providing an easily accessible platform to sell, and at a reduced price point.

Fab has modern design for the home, office, jewelry and gifts, selling brands like Public Bikes, Silva Bradshaw, Kid Robot, and Emeco.  This weeks sales include jewelry from Emily Rothschild, dbO  which is ceramics for the kitchen and Temp Paper, temporary wall paper.  Yes, I said that.  TEMPORARY WALLPAPER!
Click here to jump ahead of the line!!  Happy shopping!

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  1. Hey, that site looks really good, however I can’t join without an invitation and I was wondering if you could possibly invite me? Thankyou muchly.