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Fall FLOR Giveaway {CLOSED}…

This summer I posted about my FLOR carpet squares that I featured in my home. They are one of my favorites because they are so easy to clean and care for and add so much subtle character. I currently have Vintage Vibes in my home but I want to encourage you to get familiar with your favorites because FLOR and Simply Grove have some very exciting news to share….

Jump Jive by FLOR

We have teamed up for an exclusive giveaway for Simply Grove readers!! Congratulations to our lucky winner Shannon Reagan who entered to win a 3 square by 4 square (5 X 7) FLOR carpet of her choice (including their new collection) by posting a comment below about why she loves FLOR rugs.

In addition to this awesome giveaway opportunity, FLOR is having a fall sale from Oct 7 to Oct 29. This means 25 % off the entire FLOR website, including all products and new collections.

If you thought this couldn’t get any better, I’d also like to share that FLOR has announced free shipping on every order from their site…for good! Go take advantage of a great sale and free shipping!

Heaven Sent in Grey by FLOR

Positive Slant in Black by FLOR

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Comments (44)

  1. We love out flor but its ancient and so needs replacing… We have loved the ease of cleaning and moving around!! We’ve used it in 4 rooms!!

  2. I like who simple they are. They have a modern simplicity with a hint of retro flare.

  3. FLOR tiles are so amazing! They give you the chic look of much more expensive rugs but with much more practicality! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

  4. Ooh, I love Flor tiles! The modularity and ability to mix up styles and create unique patterns is really fun. Plus it’s kid friendly – if our toddler makes a mess, it’s easy to just change out a tile instead of buying a whole new rug!

  5. FLOR is smart floors. You can make your floors unique and still function very well. I would love to have a new rug for our guest bedroom.

  6. I love the different looks and the easy clean up. I’ve been wanting the FLOR tiles for quite awhile.

  7. With multiple dogs in the house Flor tiles are perfect! If one get ruined or stained I can just replace a tile instead of the whole entire rug. Plus the color combinations are unlike a traditional rug. Thanks for the chance to win! I’d love a new rug for our new baby due in 2014!

  8. FLOR is great. They have so many options available and the fact that you can replace some tiles as needed. In any high traffic area they would be perfect!!

  9. Oh, man, this would be an awesome one to win! I love how easy it is to switch out FLOR tiles if you need to!

  10. FLOR makes carpets interesting. Love the simplicity of the designs. Would love one for my living room.

  11. I did a project in college on FLOR products. My main focus on the project was how versatile their products are. I absolutely loved the idea of “Flor” tiles and the ability to mix and match to add a fun uniqueness to your design. I also love putting texture on walls which I found their tile products were perfect for this. I have yet to actually possess any of their products in my own home but would LOVE the chance!

  12. With 5 kids and a dog I have always been interested in the FLOR products. I even get the catalog. This would be a great chance to try the carpet squares out!

  13. Very exciting!!! I have never used FLOR rugs, but they look beautiful! The colors, and textures look very clean, and modern.

  14. I love that instead of switching out an entire rug for a fresh new look, you can just rearrange the squares to create a whole new pattern…this is as budget friendly as design can get! I would love this for my home!

  15. I love the idea that if one piece is damaged or worn, you could replace it instead of getting rid of the entire rug!

  16. I’m a huge fan of Flor’s products! I’d pick out the Roadside Attraction, Swing Beat or the Suit Yourself. All are great neutrals!

  17. these rugs are not only gorgeous, but they are practical. with a four-legged friend + a toddler bouncing around -the option to replace a piece of the carpet, instead of the entire carpet is a huge plus. amazing designs!

  18. I love flor rugs because they’re so easy to customize the shape and look that you want- at a great price point too! I plan on using them in the family room of the home we’re building right now.

  19. It’s so rare to find a product that combines functionality with great design – FLOR is a wonderful product that does both! The ability to change shapes and designs, as well as ease of cleaning make this a great option for homes with kids and pets – love it!

  20. What’s not to love about these tiles?! I love the ability to change the look and demensions of the rug to fit your needs! We have a narrow living area where no normal size rug works. These are perfect for our home.

  21. This is such a practical solution for a home like ours with pets and a baby, and I am loving the different pattern options. Such a great idea for floors.

  22. I Love the vintage Flor rugs, one of those would look superb in my 103 year old home!

  23. Oh, how I covet Flor rugs….been dying to get one because I’m tired of stressing over all the food and drink spills my kids make all over our current rug!

  24. such a fun giveaway…who couldn’t use a new rug from FLOR! so many great patterns right now.

  25. Just yesterday I pinned a flor rug (remembrance)–I think Flor would be perfect underneath the dining table, especially with babies and toddlers (we have both!). Great giveaway and I’m thrilled to hear of their free shipping!

  26. I have never used Flor in my home, but have been amazed with the beautiful options and versatility to the design. I would love to have Flor in my home.

  27. I love, love, love FLOR!! I also LOVE Vintage Vibe and I’m so thrilled it’s back in stock. My living room (just swapped with the dining room) needs a new and baby friendly (aka, removable and cleanable) flor solution!

  28. A FLOR carpet would be perfect for our one year old’s new playroom! We love the vintage feel and the ease of changing the tiles.

  29. Love their versatility. You can mix and match patterns to make your own one of a kind look. Such a great product! Especially for house breaking a pup!

  30. I’ve had never heard of FLOR before, but its a really cool concept. I like that its like a rug, but it sticks. This would look great in my daughters room. 🙂

  31. FLOR makes any space look instantly updated and is super functional. I love it!

  32. I love that I can replace a small part rather than the whole thing if one gets abnormally worn or stained. It’s perfect for a crazy lifestyle.

  33. I love the versatility and durability that FLOR has, and not to mention how chic their designs are, thanks for the chance to enter!!!