Farm House Sale!!!!

Milk glass displayed in vintage cabinet...

Vintage aprons...

Vintage clock...

Bin of fabric...

Locals!!  The twice a year farm sale is happening this week!!!!  Did you go last year??

The sale is Oct 21st, 22nd and 23rd from 9am to 7pm.  They have antiques and vintage GALORE!!

Location address is 14483 Lake Ave, Nampa, Id 83651.  Cash only please.

See you there!!

7 comments on “Farm House Sale!!!!

  1. Oh I so with I lived in Idaho right now!

  2. So so sad I’m not a local right now.

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  4. Milk and Honey Home on said:

    So fun–I’ll make it one year when the boys are bigger…

  5. Kristin on said:

    I am going tomorrow am… so excited!

  6. Frances on said:

    Delighted you posted this, Kirsten. My daughter and I went this afternoon …needed to see everything, It was GREAT fun, certainly plan to go again and allow more time ~~There are signs that are helpful to find it…. Now we know how to get there, will go again…..cause there is lots to enjoy. Inside & outside so many things like grandma used to have.

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