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Febreze Home

Febreze Home via simply grove

Friends, one thing that you must know about me is that I LOVE a clean, good smelling home. Like, a lot. Like I clean all of the time! Like almost everyday. In fact, if I wasn’t a designer, I’d be a professional cleaner. It’s really important to me to work and live in a spick and span, organized, floral smelling space. That’s why I love products that makes my home easy to maintain. For instance, Febreze just came out with Febreze Home. This product was created to remove pet odors, cooking odors and most importantly, bathroom odors. It connects with either the Febreze Connect™App or Nest to give you control of how much scent you want and when you want it so your home is fresh. Starting in March, a series of new integrations will be rolled out, including Amazon Echo and Google Home for hands-free control using voice commands and IFTTT. It’s brilliant and all it needs is to be plugged in where you need the most freshness.

Febreze Home via Simply Grove

Febreze Home understands that your space may not always need a spritz of aroma. It allows you to schedule which room needs how much of a burst. The app is genius and gives you the power to increase or decrease the amount of scent. It lets you know when you are low on scent and when you need to reorder. I LOVE YOU, Febreze!

Febreze Home via Simply Grove

Febreze Home via Simply Grove

Febreze Home via Simply grove

Another major plus is that Febreze Home acts as a nightlight. The Nightlight mode turns on light throughout the night. The Pathlight mode uses motion-sensing to turn lights on automatically. And because it’s beautifully designed, you don’t need to hide it or place it behind a sofa. Place it out front for all to see!

Febreze Home via Simply Grove

The main idea of this product is exactly what my busy mom/business owner self needs. Anything to make life easier is a win for us, right?? The convenience of pushing a button to release fragrance is a win win. Now I can forever have a pleasant smelling space.

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Photography: Hailey Wilson for Simply Grove

This blog post is sponsored by Febreze. All opinions are my own.

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