FLOR in my home…

I’ve recently added the Vintage Vibe squares to my living space and they compliment it perfectly. Bear is so excited about my new FLOR squares! The always happy and excited dog of mine managed to sit still in this photo and I just couldn’t resist sharing.

FLOR carpet squares are all about customization for your home.

Learn about and shop the entire collection here.


6 comments on “FLOR in my home…

  1. your living room is looking pretty!!!! xo . t

  2. Liz Marie on said:

    Fabulous!!! your living space is so amazing!!

  3. Love those windows!

  4. nantucketdaffodil on said:

    We have had Flor in our kitchen/living space for 10 years! We have decided that since we are out of the toddler and puppy phase, it was time to invest in a new batch. We bought Line, Please in several colors. Can’t wait to install when we have a few moments free from hectic!!!

  5. Will @ Bright.Bazaar on said:

    It looks great! And HOW cute is bear?!

  6. Hi – I was looking at the same FLOR tiles for my new apartment. They look gray in your picture…are they more gray or more cream? Thanks!

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