From the past…

Yesterday I was flipping through some of my old Blueprint issues (COME BACK BLUEPRINT) and stumbled upon this beauty. I remember this space always being a favorite of mine. And now looking at it, I realize that I still love this home. Owned by┬áSuzanna Bierwirth of Binth, this home is full of pretty details, modern elements and organic touches. It has a timeless charm that I’m trying to execute in my own home. I’m in love with the fireplace vignette and of course that sparkling kitchen. It makes me wonder what Suzanna’s home looks like today. I’m sure it’s fantastic.

See the whole tour at here.

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  1. I could kick myself, I had the opportunity to buy that Corbu sofa when I bought the corbu lounge chair at my works auction, now that I see that photo even more so! Her house is wonderfully charming.