I am super excited about my new Snooze alarm clock by Distil Union. Download the Snooze Alarm App, plug in your iPhone and enjoy a stylish way to utilize your phone for an alarm, like most of us already do!

A few super cool features include easily snooze or silence calls by slapping fat, rubber snooze bar where the iPhone slides in to, solid Maple with non-slip bottom pad that also protects your furniture and a cable-catch in back prevents your cable from falling behind nightstand. The Snooze is compatible with iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5 (naked and with slim cases) and is available with black or white snooze bar.




Today one lucky winner will win one Snooze by Distil Union as well as one Nano Tek Stand, which holds your iPhone brilliantly AND a cushion wrapped cover for your iPhone from Adopted. All 3 of these products I’ve used and completely believe in! All you need to do is comment below why you want to win these products. Giveaway will end Sunday night at Midnight and I’ll announce winner on Monday. Make sure to check out all of these items for yourself!



Shop the Snooze Alarm Clock here.

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Comments (28)

  1. I would love to win this….fumbling for the snooze button on the iphone when you are half asleep is awful…and I usually knock the phone off the night stand.

  2. What a stylish upgrade from the $5 emergency purchase alarm clock sitting on my nightstand:)

  3. Ready to ditch my huge CD player alarm clock an finally take full advantage of my iPhone!

  4. Pretty! I have been wantin something like this for quite some time. I use my phone as my alarm every day. With our phones and other tech items being such often used items, it’s nice to have a pretty place to tuck them instead of dangling off of the nightstand by the cord 🙂

  5. Struggling to get up to early morning classes I seem to need some help. This looks fabulous.

  6. I am always in a constant state of fear that i will hit of “off” button on my alarm which is located waaaaay too close to the “snooze” button. This is much less complicated for my sleepy morning state

  7. This is a perfect combination of form and function especially because I rely of my phone to get me up in the mornings. I love the idea of actually being able to hit a snooze button!

  8. What a cute alarm clock!! Would love to stop using the ugly old one I’ve had forever!!!!

  9. This would help so much instead of accidentally dropping my poor iPhone on the ground in the morning! The look is great, too. Cool product from Distil Union!

  10. I love how simple and gorgeous this is. I could definitely use one to replace my old gigantic (not pretty) alarm clock!

  11. this is awesome, so simple and well designed…i need it because my phone is always getting lost in the sheets or pushed to the floor by my sometimes annoying one-eyed cat!

  12. My phone literally has to sleep in bed with me in order for me to use the alarm. It’s very uncomfortable when my phone feels like cuddling deep under my spine. Occasionally, due to its preference for close proximity to every uncomfortable cure of my body, it tends to wake me up from simple discomfort, or body parts tend to hit snooze for me and I miss my alarm completely. I can’t decide if that is the worst part of iPhone snuggles, or if when it makes its way into my pillow case and goes off in my ear during a REM cycle, likely damaging my eardrums, that I dread the most. Thanks for hearing my plea.

  13. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a snooze alarm clock because I need all the help I can get in the morning! 🙂

  14. I would love to win this because my husband and I keep dropping our phones behind the bed after the alarm goes off.

  15. I keep trying to come up with a good way to store my phone on my night stand, these are awesome!

  16. It’s time to graduate to a more technically sophisticated alarm clock (and retire the old Sony Dream Machine w/ CD player –that we never use)!

  17. I’d love to win this! I’m always fumbling around for my phone and it’s usually crammed underneath my pillows. Sometimes I don’t even hear my alarm. This would give it a nice little “home” (possibly across the room so I am not too easily tempted to hit snooze) so I hopefully wake up when my alarm goes off!

  18. This would work way better than trying to reach around for my phone on the table next to my bed every time I need to snooze – and it looks a lot cuter, too!