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I am adoring this living room of Victoria’s from SF Girl By Bay. Out of all the spaces to be re-invented before the holidays arrive, the living space is at the top of list because most of your time spent with friends and family is in this space. If you are needing some inspiration here is the perfect blueprint for you to make a few changes to your living room. Use your favorite statement piece of art and add some of your own spice of throw pillows and you’ll love this recipe of a space. Get the look:

1 Rug 2 Pouf 3 Lamp 4 Sofa 5 Pillow 6 Table

2 comments on “Get The Look…

  1. Victoria Smith on said:

    hey! that’s my living room! :) looks so great – thanks!! xx

  2. Alecia on said:

    i love victoria’s space so much! This is a good one :)

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