Happy Monday!!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I am off to the pool today to celebrate our 95 degree weather!! Talk to you very soon:)
What a fun room for any little girl to spend her days in.
Helena Schaeder Söderberg via Decor 8

14 comments on “Happy Monday!!!

  1. Angela Henrie on said:

    I. Need. That. Wallpaper!

  2. Kenziepoo on said:

    Love this Room!! :)

  3. The Lil Bee on said:

    Oh, how sweet! This will be going in my nursery inspiration file, thank you very much (though maybe I should label it Age 5+?!)

  4. Rachel Follett on said:

    So adorable. That wallpaper is dreamy!

  5. Julia on said:


  6. naphtali on said:

    Can’t believe it was so warm there yesterday. Hope it cools a bit before we arrive in a couple of weeks. LOL. Oh well. ;) And…WOW! LOVE that Wallpaper!!!

  7. Helena on said:

    I’m glad you liked the picture of my daughter’s room. Your blog is very inspiring. I would be even happier if you linked to my Flickr page (http://simplygrove.blogspot.com/) were all the pictures are from. Thanks! :)

  8. Helena on said:

    Sorry, I left you the wrong adress… It’s: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftcreativity/:)

  9. Little Jane St on said:

    Such an adorable room! perfect for any little girl. I want to spend my afternoon there I think:)

  10. Down Comforter on said:

    I also saw this photo on another site – I just love the pretty wallpaper :)

  11. cindy : quaint on said:

    it is so happy. i love helena’s photography, too.

  12. Molly Jean on said:

    love that wallpaper!

  13. sarasophia on said:

    The wallpaper is amazing…so joyful.Wish they carried that design somewhere I could locate….<3 sarasophia

  14. Emily from www.findingflair.blogspot.com on said:

    I loved this room, too! I just posted about it on my lil blog. My girl is 15 months. I am excited to make her room more girly.

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