Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy almost Mother’s Day to all of you incredible moms who sacrifice on a daily basis to create a stable, loving home for your children. You have the toughest yet most rewarding job EVER! I’ve come together with Enrou, a lifestyle brand that focuses on social impact in developing communities. They asked me one simple question-

What do you love about being a mom?

Oh man. Where does one begin with this question?? Here’s my short answer.

I love waking up every morning, seeing my kids sleepy head faces. I love when they tell me that they love me. I love when I see them respectfully talk to strangers. I love knowing that these two children will forever make my life full and exciting. I love that even when I’m feeling icky, they make me feel like a million dollars. I love creating a safe and comfortable home for them. I love helping them chase their dreams, even when they feel impossible. I love being a mom, not because it’s easy and and non challenging, cause it’s not, but because it makes me a better human. I love my kids!

If you are looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift, Enrou has an amazing collection made by moms, for moms.


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