Hidden Passion…

I have a hidden passion in life.  CLEANING!!  I love to clean and I love living in a clean space.  If my home is disorganized and dirty, I don’t feel in control.  Weird, I know but it is how I stay organized and on top of my to do listsssssss.  I saw this image over on Two Ellie (I love Paula)  and instantly wanted to deep clean my laundry room and go shopping for new cleaning products.  I may have a cleaning sickness.

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  1. Nothing makes me more happy then a clean, good smelling house. It just makes life so much nicer. Thanks for the post, good to know there are others who are addicted to cleanliness 😉

  2. I have the same sickness. I drive people mad. Right now I have a house-guest and I’ve been itching for my place back to myself so I can go on a completely OCD cleaning slurge. And I love Meyers products too!

  3. Um, I know. I need the dishes to be clean and the daily clutter to be picked up before I can go to sleep at night! I think so much more clearly when I’m in a clean environment!!

  4. Girl! I need you to come over to my house! 😉 You would be in CLEANING HEAVEN today. The kids have officially wrecked it….and I always feel so overwhelmed when the house is a disaster zone. Wish I had some OCD cleaning habits in me….

  5. argh….nothing makes me happier than a clean open space, and yet my house is cluttered and crazy!!! But i am a huge product junkie. And this will sound so weird, but Greg (my hubs) got me a whole box of Mrs. Meyers Cleaning goodies for xmas last year and I was in heaven!!!! (the packaging is rad, the smells are awesome…..*sigh*)

    Now if I could get you to come to my house for a consultation….

  6. I’m a total type A!(my guess is so are you) Everything in order and everything in it’s place, one problem I live with the three little piggies and two dogs. I just don’t understand why they don’t have their shirts color coded, drawers neat and tidy. My daughter calls me the cleaning natzi and because she sleeps in the basement she has decided to rebel and live in a pig pen. As, long as the rest the house is clean, laundry always done, I do let the children slide on their rooms. I figure one of them has to have clean gene when they grow up but now they don’t want to side with mom!

  7. I hear ya, girl. One of my favorite things is to pick up the house after the baby goes to sleep. I love a fresh and clean house in the morning. And oh myyyy, I would love to have all those Mrs. Meyers products. I love me some lavender-scented Mrs. Meyers soap!

  8. Mmmm…. I love Mrs. Meyers’ honeysuckle line, and the basil one. I also love the lemon verbena… ha ha.. I might have a product problem, actually!! There is NOTHING wrong or bad about a clean & sweet smelling house! If I had to clean with regular nasty products, I would probably not clean. So good thing for Mrs. Meyers!

  9. i love the feeling of a tidy and clean home! if my home is not tidy i feel anxious and out of control. nothing works out a problem better than a good house clean and letting my subconscious take care of the thinking… and nothing gets me to clean better than opening the windows and turning up the music! =) xoxo

  10. About the only cleaning I dislike is scrubing the toilet. But I’m with you; shining up windows and mirrors, dusting, sweeping, putting things away, recycling, tossing, shredding. It’s a sickness.

    I grew up in a home with a mom who was obsessive, she’s mellowed so much since my nephews came along. I always said I wouldn’t care, and although I’m not as bad as she was (I’ll never vacuum all one way so there are no lines in the shag carpet 😉 )I do have my quirks, like the bed has to be made every morning before I leave for work.

  11. Grandma Thelma is cheering for you! And I think you are pretty smart and cool too!
    Love, mom

  12. Is there anything more beautiful that organized cleaning? This picture warms my heart in a way the I can’t describe with words. It’s inspiring and lovely all in one. Now only if I had a laundry room…….

  13. let’s start a club! My husband thinks I’m a total control freak and each time we have someone over, I keep straightening the sofa cover over and over. I can be pretty upsetting with my cleaning and putting everything in its place habits.