I’ll Take A Cup Please

If you are my friend, you know that I’m a Nespresso lover. Or maybe an addict. Or maybe a fan girl that could drink one on the hour. I am constantly shouting Nespresso praises to friends, family, acquaintances…anyone who will listen. Thanks to my new Nespresso Vertuoline, my coffee got that much better. And just in time for the holidays! One detail about Nespresso that I love is that I can offer fantastic coffee, lattes and cappuccinos  to my guests at any moment of a party. I think it’s a perfect holiday addition for any coffee loving home.

Why is the Nespresso Vertuoline so cool, you ask? Because this machine is first of its kind. It offers freshly brewed coffee and authentic espresso with crema at the touch of a button. And to take it a step further, the Aeroccino+ is a milk frother which creates light, creamy hot or cold milk froth at the touch of a button.

The Nespresso Vertuoline would not only be the perfect addition to your home but it would also make a fantastic gift for a coffee lover in your life.

Shop the Nespresso Vertuoline here.

Today’s post is sponsored by Nespresso, but my love for their VertuoLine is all my own.

Images taken by Kirsten Grove.



Style Your Thanksgiving Table

West Elm created this video to show us all how to trick out our Thanksgiving tables. It’s perfect for us last minute planners!

Christmas In My Studio

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! My Simply Grove studio in my home (which I will share more pictures later) needed a little Christmas cheer for the holidays, so I collaborated with Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot and created a fun, stylish, relaxed Christmas corner. Our upstairs living room is a tight space so a bigger 7.5 ft tree made more sense for downstairs. I wanted to create a family friendly tree that was still stylish enough for when clients came over. And with my entire space downstairs being white, I can introduce whatever color I want.

Birds, mini churches and poinsettiasmake for a festive tree. Because all of the Martha Stewart Living ornaments are shatter resistant, I’m not worried about them falling and breaking on the concrete.


These “Pre-Lit 30” Snowy Fir Wreaths look great plugged in or simply hung on the wall.

All of Martha’s ornaments look handmade. The details are unbelievable.

I’m in love with this room now, thanks to Martha.

Christmas Sources- Tree, Wreathes, Bird Ornament, Church Ornament, Poinsettia Ornament.

I have partnered with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. for this holiday program. All opinions are my own.


Blanket, Pillow, Poster.

Hi friends! I wanted to introduce you to ZazzleZazzle is a marketplace where you can custom design nearly anything. It’s perfect for showing off your personal style. They have products ranging from pillows to lamps. My personal favorites are the pillow and throw blanket choices. If you follow this link, you can create anything to your liking. It proves that we can all be a designer.

Visit Zazzle here.

Happy Thanksgiving…

Image: Kiss The Groom

It’s almost Thanksgiving! To continue with my tablescape them this week,, I wanted to share some of my favorite decor ideas to inspire you for your own Thanksgiving. Whether you are doing casual or traditional, decorating for thanksgiving can be fun and festive. Things that can add awesomeness to your home? Natural elements (wreathes, flowers, plants, pumpkins), vintage china, gold, linens and lots of cheese!:)

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Image: DesignLoveFest

Image: Design Sponge

Image: Apartment Therapy

Image: Birds of a feather


Thanksgiving Kids Table Tips

Yesterday I shared a few tips for last minute Thanksgiving entertaining. Today I am super excited to share some tips on how to create a fun, festive, stylish, kid-friendly table. It’s really quite easy and cheap! Kids love color and they love activities. Put both on the table and you have won their hearts. Together with Target, I created a fun table that any kid would love to sit at.


I used the same flowers from the adult table and layered them on top of a Thanksgiving themed paper tablecloth. On top of the tablecloth is chalkboard paper and activity placemats. Everything is markable and writable. Kids never stop so keep the fun coming with games and puzzles. I also used turkey name cards that the kids are able to make. (Everything should still be at your local Target. I’ve also listed items available online down below this post.)

Kids love straws so I displayed a jar of paper straws. And of course a small pumpkins completes the look.

When it comes to the kid table, do not be afraid to use all paper products. Because my kids and their cousins are a bit older, I used some dinnerware and silverware. But when they were younger, I did all paper. It’s easy to use and completely recyclable.

Have fun and be creative. Kids except nothing less!!

Products available online- Straws, Chalkboard Paper, Owl Salt and Pepper, Small Mason Jar.

This post was created in partnership with Target. All opinions are my own.

Cozy Bedrooms

It’s been freezing temperatures here in my hood. It’s so cold that all I want to do is stay in my bed and not face the cold cold world. These bedrooms are looking mighty cozy comfy to me. The bedding is what immediately caught my attention. The look of basic, organic linens are everything. These 3 rooms are casual yet beautiful. I would take all 3!

Images: Coco Lapine Design, Lobster and Swan, 79 Ideas.

Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Happy Monday! And Happy the week before Thanksgiving! Can you even believe that?? I can’t. Luckily I’m not hosting Thanksgiving at my house but I will still try and host small get togethers from now until Thanksgiving. Pirate Booty asked me to share my favorite Thanksgiving decor tradition. Honestly, it comes down to WHITE dinnerware. Seriously. That’s it. The best part of going white is that you can pair it with any color, any trend, any look. My white dinnerware is from Nate Berkus for Target.

A few more tips for last minute hosting-

*Fresh Flowers always make a space feel inviting and beautiful.

*Go big with glassware. Meaning spend some money collecting timeless, well made glassware.

*Candles always create pretty ambiance.

*If you can’t decide on a color scheme, always go back to black and white.

*Need easy food ideas? Cheese platter with fig jelly, yummy soups and bread of your choice goes along way!

*Create a coffee bar so that your guests never lack a warm drink.

If Eden was in charge of Thanksgiving, we would be consuming Mac & Cheese. Thanks to Pirate Booty, her dream may come true. :) Come back tomorrow to see how to create a kid friendly Thanksgiving tablescape!

Glassware, dinnerware, tea lights, small dessert plates, name card holders.

This post was created in partnership with Pirate Booty. All opinions are my own.

Sofas for under $1000

A consistent question that comes my way weekly is where to find a stylish sofa for under $1000. Well, I have some ideas for you! Below you will find a nice variety of sofas that vary in price and style…all under $1000. Hope you find one that suits you!

12 (similar), 3456, 78, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.



Photographers! You are going to love this. Introducing SnapScout, your FREE online location scout. Snapscouts mission is to make location scouting simpler and easier for photographers and filmmakers. This is such a brilliant concept! I feel like this can be the most difficult part of a shoot, finding the perfect spot that will create the look that you are going for. You can scout outdoor, residential and commercial.

For property owners who own unique properties and ideal locations, Snapscout provides an easy way to earn additional income. Property owners create a profile on Snapscout, add photos of their attractive and appealing property and describe the location’s features. On the other side of the platform photographers and filmmakers rent your property for film or photo shoot purposes. In addition, property owners have a chance to have their property showcased in a potentially famous film, commercial or photograph.

Some details that you’ll want to know-

Snapscout is absolutely free to list your property there are no monthly or yearly fees.

The only fee is a percentage of each transaction; Snapscout does not make money unless you do!

Snapscout has a rating and comment section on each users profile so that users can get a feel for each other before a transaction is even made.

Snapscout has a large selection of search criteria such as property type, design type, location and theme.

Users on Snapscout can also message each other directly rather than having to go through a third party or company.

It is easy for filmmakers and photographers to reserve properties by simply clicking on the property profile they are interested in and then click the date and time on the interactive calendar they desire.

Visit Snap Scout here.

Trips and Links

A few weeks ago I attended the AYA Summit with ONE Girls & Women in Washington DC at Google. It was a life changing few days, listening to experts on issues that girls and women are facing in the developing world. Because of the variety of topics, including human trafficking, young girls being forced to wed, poverty, ebola….I came home with my head spinning. Not in a bad way at all. But in a way that allowed me to search my own heart and pray for wisdom on how to become involved with a very hurting world. Though I may not have every answer, I do know that turning a blind eye does nothing for no one. Taking steps and becoming involved in those things that are bigger than ourselves will only bring hope….nothing less than. My roommate and good friend Trina wrote more about the AYA Summit that you should read.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Here are some links to keep you company-

The Nugget is looking good.
Love her and love this collaboration.
I’m swooning over this holiday table.
Great gift ideas for the traveler.
These houses….fabulous!

My Fall Mantel

I love decorating for the seasons in little ways, shapes and forms. It’s mostly in greenery, flowers and candles. I already mentioned the pretty orange berry tree at my home. I’m still using it for fall accents. The deep green looks beautiful against the white mantel. Another accessory to make mention is the antique mirror from Nate Berkus’s Target collection. I love the natural wood frame, which looks great with almost any color, material and texture. If you need a modern palette idea for your own mantel, try this look-

+Gold or Brass

Sources- Antique Mirror, Glass Box, Original Art by Kirsten Furlong, Concrete Vase

Dark Walls

Image: Sfgirlbybay

One detail that I miss from our old home is the dark charcoal wall that I painted in our bedroom. It added drama and style to an otherwise boring space. Im trying to find a wall in our new house to paint dark. Here some dark wall images that should inspire the dark side in all of us.

Image: Lotta Agaton

Image: Dimore Gallery

Image: The Countryphiles

Image: Pinterest (do you know original source?)

Image: Michelle James

Another moment with J.Jill

Right now my local weather starts super cold in the morning, warms up a bit in the noon hour and then drops significantly at night. So naturally sweaters are on my mind. More specifically comfortable, breathable sweaters. Have you ever put on a sweater that just isn’t comfy, it’s super scratchy and fits weird? The WORST! J.Jill has exactly what I need in their new sweater collection. They designed their sweaters with luxe, lofty and cozy fabrics and yarns. Each style is a labor of love and thoughtful design. They consider everything from stitches, gauges, patterns, colors, even the weight. They want to make sure each sweater is perfect.

I’m super into turtlenecks right now! I love how sleek they look with almost any bottom and shoe. The Telluride Turtleneck is a cotton blend with just a touch of wool. It’s available in 5 colors. I chose black because I always choose black! And black turtlenecks are simple yet stylish.

Shop the Telluride Turtleneck here. AND you can receive 25% off all Full Priced Items.  USE CODE COZY1 WHEN ORDERING. Visit this link for details. Offer valid October 27, through November 19, 2014.

This post was created in partnership with J.Jill and Martha Stewart Living. All opinions are my own.


Fall Entertaining with Nate

Glass X Candleholder

Fall is here and quickly going by. If you are doing any type of fall entertaining, you know how important it is to create a festive table scape. Nate Berkus has made that easy for us this season! His entire collection, featured exclusively at Target, is amazing. My favorite detail is how you can use most of the pieces in any of the four seasons. They are practical yet beautiful. Each piece was thoughtfully created to make a stylish statement for any party, gathering or even just for an everyday mantel. One of Nate’s personal favorite pieces is the glass X candleholder. “These taper candle holders give just enough elevation to mix with your smaller votives and hurricanes without obstructing views across the table.” – NB

An easy decorating tip for your table is to cut things from your yard. Whether it’s greenery or flowers, creating the perfect atmosphere is just a scissor cut away! I have the most beautiful orange berry tree in my yard that is perfect for the fall season. I placed the branches in simple clear vases, in different heights. So easy and FREE!


I usually opt for white dishes when entertaining. You can pair them with anything. Nate has the perfect white textured diamond dinnerware set. I love when dinnerware is textured. It brings interest and drama, even if it’s bright white.

Can we talk about this bowl?? This decorative leaf bowl can be used to display anything pretty. It’s my most favorite piece in this entire collection!

Thank you Nate Berkus for making fall entertaining so easy for us!

More of this collection that you shouldn’t live without- Metal Wing Bowl, Table Runner, Antique Mirror Tray, Metal Feather Box, White Facet Vase, Dessert Plate Set.

All photos shot and styled by me.

*This post was created in coolaboration with Nate Berkus and Target. All opinions are my own.