January 17, 2017

I saw this kitchen last week on Coco.Kelley  from The Future Kept and man did I fall in love! The warmth of the cabinets mixed with the coolness of the tiles and flooring is perfect. I also obsessed over that hood! It’s a winning kitchen in my opinion. And speaking of kitchens, check back tomorrow for a special kitchen post! [more]

Warm kitchen via simply grove
January 12, 2017

What do I ALWAYS say about art?? That it’s the shoes to an outfit! Or the pot to a plant. It brings together a room like no other accessory can! My uncle was a huge art geek. He had art from all over the world, and that is what made his home in Jackson Hole Wyoming so amazing! [more]

Twyla via Simply Grove

The kitchen is easily one of the most notoriously clutter-prone spaces in the home. We all are guilty of getting a little lazy and jamming our dishware and cooking supply in just any free cabinet space. Not only does a messy and disorganized kitchen stress us out, it also inhibits the space’s functionality as well as its aesthetic. In order to give us all a little project kickstart for the new year, I have a few tips to make 2017 the year we all finally get our kitchens organized. [more]

Quick Tips Get Your Kitchen Organized For 2017 via Simply Grove

HAPPY 2017! Doesn’t it feel a bit surreal? I swear we just got through summer of 2016. Crazy! Every January 1st, I get hit with the organization bug. I want to start organizing every single drawer, cabinet, closet and any other nook. This week I’ve been cleaning out my bedroom, which seems to have become the catch all for life. It’s time to put away my clothes, clear off every surface and create a restful place for my hubby and I. I’ve got 5 easy tips for you to spruce up your bedroom. [more]

via simply grove