Repurposed Stool…

If you have read Simply Grove for awhile now then you know that though I love DIY’s, I don’t love nor promote difficult DIY’s. I am a simple DIY gal who wants great results without breaking a finger or the bank. Another detail that you may know about me is that I love to repurpose used items. And that is exactly what I have done with this Ikea stool (like this) and faux animal hide (like this) found on eBay. See, you can pretty much get anything that you need for your home from eBay. It really is a one stop shop!

For this project, I simply took the stool apart, traced around the animal hide using the top of the stool, cutting my shape out and attaching it to the stool using super glue. You could also try a glue gun or even velcro tabs, if you didn’t want it to permanently stay.

This little stool is a perfect accent piece for my home. It will work great for extra seating, a place to kick up my feet or just as a pretty detail added to any room.

This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with eBay. Items were chosen by me.

Giveaway {CLOSED}…

A few weeks ago, I blogged about this DIY. You may have noticed the gorgeous dinnerware and flatware that accompanied the bottles on the table. The Mikasa Antique White dinnerware and Mikasa Harmony flatware are both insanely gorgeous and help create such a beautiful tablescape. I am a sucker for white dinnerware, mostly because white goes with everything. You don’t have to keep repurchasing plates after getting tired of the color or pattern. White is timeless.

Today I am SUPER excited to offer one of you the chance to win the a set of 4 Mikasa Antique White dinnerware, which is a value of $400!



To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling us what you would do with your new dinnerware. Also, like Mikasa on Facebook or follow them on Pinterest for extra entries. Just leave an extra comment saying that you have done so. Giveaway ends Friday, the 21st, at midnight.




Palm Trees and Pineapple…

Image: Apartment 34

It’s Saturday and I am headed to Hawaii! I am super pumped to get away with my hubby and play in the sun all.week.long. Just because I’m on vacation does not mean that Simply Grove is on vacation. Meaning I have an awesome giveaway next week so PLEASE check back!! And follow me on Instagram to see the happenings in Honolulu. Hope you all have a fantastic week and I will see you soon. Aloha!

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Inspiration {Modern Bathrooms}…

Image: The Design Files

I’ve been seeing a lot of awesome bathrooms on Pinterest lately. What makes these bathrooms so awesome is the unique character that each one has. Between the modern bathroom vanities, different materials blended and natural light shining in, each bathroom gets two thumbs up for being amazing!

Image: Lonny

Image: The Design Files

Image: New Zealand Design Blog

Happy Habitat Blanket…

We have a plethora of throw blanket options at my house. Furry blankets, soft blankets, little blankets…many blankets. My most recent blanket to join this massive collection is this gorgeous Happy Habitat blanket by Karrie Kaneda. It is my all time favorite! The quality is undeniable. It’s the perfect snuggle blanket yet still looks beyond stylish.

Shop Happy Habitat here.



Inspiration {B&W}…

I think it’s cute when people tell me that they are scared to introduce black into their space. Mostly because black is as timeless as it gets. You might want to frightened to add salmon or coral or even plum to your entire home. But black? It really is harmless AND can be paired with any other color. To be honest, black and white is a color palette that has always had me at hello. Of course I tend to introduce color to my space, but dream of a second home with a consistent palette of B&W. Emilie Bédard and Maria Rosa Di Ioia turned a 1910’s triplex situated in Montreal, Canada into a modern masterpiece. They did a breathtaking job at keeping the space monochromatic. And that bathroom is stupid cool! It shows that you can definitely mix black and white with wood tones. And they mixed chrome with brass which also works well together. We can see that they are not afraid of mixing material and textures.

To keep a space like this from feeling sterile and cold, incorporate light and dark wood tones. Another important detail is lighting. Your lighting can make or break your space. Sites like Homeclick offer a plethora of lighting options to create a cozy yet modern space. If you have a lot of chrome and silver in your home, incorporate a little brass here and there to warm your space up. Also, introduce warm textures like wool and fur to keep your home from feeling cold.

See more of this home here.

Inspiration {Kitchen}…

There is truly so much you can do with a kitchen. You can mix and match a plethora of different materials and surfaces to create timeless looks. This specific kitchen has a mix of all of my favorite materials including marble and wood. It’s such a simple yet stylish kitchen. And you can tell that it is not a large space, at all. See the entire home tour here.

Images: Living Corriere Derra Sela

Seed Furniture…

With all of our gadgets and techie stuff, we want furniture pieces that not only look awesome but allow us to store our items without having wires showing….right?? Lucky for us, Seed Furniture has given us just this with their Media Portal Collection. The Media Portal Collection is a one-stop destination for the charging of electronic devices. Everything plugs into an easy access line of plugs and USB ports along the back. And lets talk about the pieces themselves…..gorgeous!!!

Shop this collection here.


Inspiration {Kitchen}…

Images: Remodelista

Who doesn’t love a well designed kitchen?! This kitchen makes me want to shout with excitement. Between the counters and gold details, I’m in love. Read more about this space here.



DIY {Bottles}…

I am a huge fan of spray paint. Always have been, always will be. Mostly because it’s such a quick and easy way to update an item. I found these vintage bottles on eBay. They came in a LOT of 8. I knew right away what I wanted to do with them, and it involved spray paint…shocker!

Matte black is so on trend right now. It looks modern, fresh and clean. I took each bottle and gave them one coat of matte black spray paint. The bottles that came with lids got one even coat from lid to bottom. That way when I’m not using it as a vase, I can use it as a cool piece on a shelf or table. After each bottle dried, I gave them one more coat. That will keep them from chipping easily. After they dried, i instantly had a modernized vase. Easy, right??

I used the new and improved vases for a dinner party. I wanted to keep the table simple and just use white and black. Between my white dishware and black vases, everything looked cool, calm and relaxed.

And what did I do with the bottles after the dinner party?? Displayed them all over the house! My favorite spot is on the mantle. I love fresh flowers in my house and this will keep my replenishing the vases.

This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with eBay. Items were chosen by me.


Love this bathroom…

I’m super into large, bold floral patterns right now. So when I saw Emily Schuman’s powder room, designed by Amber Lewis, I quickly fell in love! Besides this wallpaper being the bomb, the combo of the paper and gold lighting is epic. See more here and here.

Comfortable Modern Sofas…

Image: Bungalow 5. Poster: Froh & Frau

Something that comes with the price of creating a modern space is using a stiff, well designed but not very comfortable sofa. I’ve had clients who have voiced their concern with modern design and it always includes the choice of sofa. These images show that just because you have a modern space, does not mean that you have to replace style for comfort. Here are some of my thoughts-

*If you purchase a straight lined sofa, style with large, fluffy pillows and soft textiles.

*Stores like BoConcept and Room & Board  carry a variety of comfortable sofas. Even Ikea’s Karlstad holds it’s own in comfort.

*Place soft details around the sofa, like a plush rug and comfy ottoman. Those simple pieces will create instant comfort.

*Throw blankets are a must.

Image: Bodie and Fou

Image: VT Wonen

Image: Penelope Home

Image: Planet Deco

My kids bedroom…

Image taken by Allison Corona.

The image above captures a brief moment when my kids bedroom was clean and tidy. This moment is few and far between. Because my kids share a room, it has become a playroom, workroom, sleeping room and entertaining room for their friends. My husband and I have been talking lately about moving my daughter downstairs and giving my son his own room. Well, his own room until we adopt again, which we are hoping will happen this year. Our house is a decent size but lacks in bedroom space. Because both of my kids are getting older, they are  getting more bossy and easily annoyed with each other at night. I know they love each other dearly, but that’s clearly not the point when you are 7 and 8. Whatever happens, we will make it work and give our kids the space they need. Heck, they could bunk with us!! I kid I kid.

2 Noteworthy Blogs…

Sometimes I purposely stay offline to make sure that I stay somewhat authentic and original to who I am as a designer. But at the same time, i think it’s super important as a blogger and designer to know what’s happening in the giant world of design. This weekend I spent sometime browsing the internet. On my quest, I found two “new to me” blogs that I wanted to give a quick shout out to. Yellow Brick Home and Grey and Scout are both stocked full of inspiration, DIY’s and great design tips. Check them out and make sure to give them some social media love!

PS: Both Yellow Brick Home and I are up for BHG’s Best Decorating Blog. Go here to vote vote vote.

My house tour…

Yesterday I mentioned that my home is being featured right now on Style Me Pretty Living. I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures here on SG, which were captured by the awesome Allison Corona.

See the entire tour and list of sources here.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you next week!

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