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homluv.com via Simply Grove

I have talked to so many future homebuyers that are super excited for the process, but super confused all at the same time. Have you ever been in the market for a house and you had no idea what style you wanted or what route to go for? You are not alone! When Shane and I were first married, we really wanted to build a house. Having experience in Interior Design, I thought the process would be smooth sailing. Boy, was I wrong! There were many details that I didn’t even think about beforehand that definitely overwhelmed me. If only I had had sites like HomLuv.com to help me through the maze of buying a home!

According to a recent BDX Home Shopper & Buyer Insights Study, 67 percent of Americans surveyed say they will consider a new construction home when shopping for a home. In fact, new home purchases are at a ten-year high. But, like me, research shows that homebuyers are often left frustrated, anxious and disappointed with the current home-buying process. HomLuv.com, which just launched on June 14, helps  homebuyers to always be at the center of the experience. Home buyers say what they love in a home and HomLuv.com helps articulate their design style and home preferences This makes it SO easy to collaborate with your co-buyer AND find the builder who will actually build them the perfect home. It’s a win win for everyone!

homluv.com via simply grove

Making a house a home is different for everyone. For me, it’s creating the perfect entertaining space for my friends and family. We’ve lived in a few houses that had tiny living areas, making it hard to entertain our loved ones. Our current home has the open floor plan that I’ve always wanted! For others , the perfect home involves a large master bed and bath combo. Or for some it’s all about outdoor entertaining. Whatever your dream is, don’t sacrifice it because you are feeling overwhelmed and just want to the process to stop. Let HomLuv.com help you find your dream!

homluv.com via simply grove

HomLuv.com offers selections from over 100,000 homes and plans across the country and uses crowdsourcing and technology to deliver results that are targeted and tailored to specific style preferences and budget. So, if you are looking for the perfect transitional new construction, you can find it right away on HomLuv.com. Below are a few key points that I am loving!

+HomLuv has tons of great images that will help you develop your ‘design language’ and choose the style of house that is right for you.

+HomLuv is a place to keep all of your ideas in one place and collaborate with your co-buyer, regardless of your shopping style.

+Technology provides relevant home recommendations based on overlap between you and your co-buyer’s likes.

+HomLuv makes home buyers feel empowered and confident, which makes the best home for your family fun and inspiring.

I really hope that you check out HomLuv.com! I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. We have enough things to worry about in life. Let HomLuv.com take some of the pressure off!

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  1. Just discovered your site through Family Circle magazine. Your design style and home is beautiful and what a bonus to know your children are adopted! I am the daughter of a minister, the wife of a minister and we adopted all five of our children ranging in age from 32 to 18 year old twins. Adoption is a mind blowing glimpse at God’s heart for children and family!