Hot In The City…

Hey friends!!!!  I’m still on the East Coast.  This weekend the hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary in DC.  Again, apologies for disappearing this week!!  But don’t worry.  Next week I will make it up to you….I promise!!

Did I mention how the Nate Show was???  Well…..I am genuinely happy that I attended.  If anything because of the priceless relationships that were formed.  I finally got to put faces to so many bloggers that I have read for years, like Nicole, Michelle, Michelle and Jenny (who did a great recap of the show)….LOVE THEM!!  My roomie and friend Trina (who graciously let me stay with her at her bff’s beautiful home in Manhattan) and I stayed up way to late giggling like little girls.

I flew in on Tuesday Morning so I didn’t make it to the Rue launch party which I heard was FANTASTIC!  I did get to see Anne and Crystal for a moment.  Love them too.

When you watch the taping of the show, I am directly behind Emily Henderson, who did a fabulous job on her segment!

I am off to walk the streets of DC.  Did I mention that it is 97 degrees here today??  EEEEKKKKKK!

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Comments (5)

  1. will you let us know when this one will air? I don’t want to miss it.

    How priceless was this weekend? Staying up all night with girlfriends and an anniversary in NY…does it get any better?

  2. It’s was great to meet you Kirsten. Next time you’re in the neighborhood we have to make plans to meet up. Preferably in a place that is more conducive to chatting.