House Tour…

Hello!!! I am so loving this home and just had to share Trendenser’s house for today’s tour!! Please do start your week off by indulging in this refreshing kitchen with me!


What is not to love about this dining space?? See more here.


Louise Liljencrantz Sievers was on point when designing this space and the beautiful images were taken by  Sanna Lindberg .


2 comments on “House Tour…

  1. Michelle Carles, IIDA on said:

    Hi Kirsten!

    I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Michelle Carles, IIDA. I’m one of the interior designers on staff from We are thrilled to feature you as our Toast Maker next month. We appreciate your time and expertise. I look forward to following your blogs! Absolutely, LOVE our style.


  2. Michelle Carles, IIDA on said:

    *absolutely, LOVE YOUR style.

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