How to Have a Cozy Christmas Eve

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This is the time of year where the days are shorter and the nights creep up on us faster than ever. The coziest thing i’ve found are fire candles. The second it starts to darken outside every candle in my house lights up. The effect you get from a lit candle is immeasurable to anything else.


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My animal skins are pulled out from storage for Christmas time and are placed under the tree, on my dining chairs and sofa. They add the perfect aspect of coziness that nothing else can give and the textures are breathtaking.

cozy wool blanket


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This one is pretty self explanatory…..cozy throws. I have a plethora of these lying around my home. With an open fire, christmas tree, and candles lit all through the home and throw blanket is the cherry on top. As our traditions have been kept throughout the years with opening gifts in our pajamas we like to cuddle up with pillow and throws all around us.

stanmore speaker

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Christmas music surely cannot be overlooked. I love pulling out my old records and playing them over and over again. I may be the only one but Christmas tunes just never get old to me. I get excited with each song as if I’m hearing it for the first time.

fresh pine

Image: Laura Quattro

Fresh pine clippings give off a tranquil atmosphere and the natural pine scent should be the mere definition of christmas. No candle in the world can replicate this aroma. Simply cut some pine and place them in vases or pottery. This also adorns your home with a christmassy atmosphere.

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