How To Style Your Hats


Image: Camille Styles

Hats have made their way back into our lives. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a considerable amount of hats and they’ve become essential to in my fashion AND in design. They’re the perfect filler, in your bedroom, hallway, entry way etc. For a while I struggled with finding the best way to display them. Showing them off in your space can sometimes be cheesy. So I decided to do some research and find beautiful ways to showcase my collection.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Don’t hesitate to incorporate hats as part of your design. AND having your hats out in the open makes it easy to grab one on your way out.

Image: Coco Lapine Design

Even your dining room can enjoy a little hat collection. If you’re looking for a cleaner look choose 2 or 3 of the same colored hats and hang them near one another.

Image: A Pair & A Spare

This DIY, seen on A Pair & A Spare, is really fun and simple. And as the end result you get a beautiful display for your collection.

Janna Smith/ Simply Grove Contributor 



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