How we find inspiration…

When working in my office, I have a giant wall of inspiration to gaze upon.  But sometimes that just isn’t enough to get my creative juices flowing.  My husband has a grand way of receiving inspiration…

Not sure if it really works but it sure gets the brain cells moving. :)



6 comments on “How we find inspiration…

  1. It’s all about looking at things from a different perspective. ha! He’s got the right idea.

  2. Hahaha!!! Didn’t know Shane had such an amazing talent of so many different “standing on head” positions!! That’s true talent and inspiration.. I’m going to go try it !!

  3. Mrs D, on said:

    Really made me smile, thank you!

  4. Jenn Lee on said:

    He’s either inspired or has cabin fever :) I’m totally impressed!

  5. love it!!!!!!! fun family! xo . t

  6. Jenna at Homeslice on said:

    ha ha!!

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