hallway Lighting lovely rooms

I like….

house to home

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Comments (11)

  1. When I saw this at House to Home, I swooned. LOVE THIS. I told Anthony, “One day…one day.” Plus this car?! Hello little girl running around and playing under the most gorgeous chandelier. A true princess indeed.

  2. I love the chandelier! And of course, the little pink car adds so much to the pic!

  3. oooh me likey!! And what’s with the spiffy new facelift over here? I dig, Grovey!

  4. Great blog! love that black and white ironing board and the pink wallpaper. Makes laundry so much less depressing!

  5. Being a renter who continues to schlep her laundry to her sister/parent’s houses during the weekend, any kind of laundry room seems like a DREAM. but these?? I’d set up a little daybed and sleep in there.

  6. OH. MY. GOODNESS! That first laundry room? I could wash all day! haha I also really like the ‘metal’ laundry room. Very sleek.