I’m Back!! {Did you know I was missing?}…

Hi friends!  So, apparently Simply Grove has been having some major server issues which has caused this blog to not be updated in most feeds, along with other stupid issues (like only being available to view 40% of the day) that are beyond me because I am a non-web-brain.  It’s been happening for over a month now and because if these issues, I’ve lost readers and subscribers.  My apologies for letting it happen for as long as it did.  My mommy brain didn’t investigate thoroughly like it should have.  I am planning on switching hosts this weekend because it crashed again this morning BUT don’t you worry, the party is back in play and I promise you that Simply Grove will be a consistent, design resource for you for years to come!  Also, if you are one of the readers that haven’t seen posts since September 12th, take a looky at the last few weeks.  There’s some fun stuff back there!


5 comments on “I’m Back!! {Did you know I was missing?}…

  1. Mariela on said:

    Hi! I am glad you are back and is all resolved!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Welcome back & may I add: you look fabulous on your new pic!

  3. I wondered why I got a bulk of posts yesterday in Google reader. Welcome back :) Going to have a peruse now

  4. I seriously love this pic!! You are so stinkin cute, hip and cool! Love you:)

  5. Jenna at Homeslice on said:

    Hey I guess I haven’t been getting updates… but I love the new pic at the top of the blog! You look beautiful!

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