Simply Grove's Fave Chairs for Fall of 2018


I’m Still Here and Here’s My Favorite Accent Chairs

Simply Grove's Fave Chairs for Fall of 2018

Hi, friends! It feels like an eternity since I have sat down and really focused on the blog. It’s been crickets over here, but for very good reasons. The first being that I really wanted to spend some quality time with my kiddos this summer. Like the quality time that makes you present, without a phone in your hand or a computer screen on your dining table during dinner. The second being that I NEEDED to take some time off of design and blogging to really focus on gaining new vision and passion for what I do, and how I do it. Have you ever felt like you’re racing down a tunnel and the tunnel gets darker and darker and really really narrow? I was slowly getting to that place. So, I stripped everything away, traveled with my family and gained new perspective on life. That was a very short version of what’s going on in my head, but it’s a start and it’s where I’m at right now! With that being said, I’m back with some new content, and as this journey unfolds, more content will follow.

CHAIRS! Holy chair loving. Above are a few of my favorite accent chairs right now. I’ve gathered some price point options for all budgets, starting with the least expensive and moving on up. When you think accent chair, think about a fabulous pair of shoes. They compliment and complete any outfit. Accent chairs COMPLETE the look! Happy shopping.

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