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Home Life featured this gorgeously styled room by Julie Green and Captured by Armelle Habib. It really caught my eye not only because it is aesthetically beautiful, but it makes having an office space in a bedroom breathtaking and functional. See more below to get tips on how to create a lovable, working space like this…

Use side tables and wall hooks for extra storage and convenience.

Place your desk or table towards the window to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors while inside. You will feel much more inspired peeping outdoors and soaking in some natural light, rather than facing a wall.

Use your favorite dresser as desk storage in addition to clothes storage. When you have extra storage, you can keep your desk de-cluttered and organized.

Use greenery to bring freshness and life to your sleep and work space.

Great lighting is always an essential. See more tips on the design of this room from Home Life here.

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  1. Love this space! So beautiful. Clean and airy, but not cold. Thanks for sharing! xo