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A post full of bathroom goodies and inspiration is long overdue. I know I’m always dreaming and drooling (figuratively) over great bathroom design and have put together some of my favorites from all around the web.

Here are a few thoughts and tips as you read on:

1. Simplicity is key, you don’t want to add elements to a bathroom remodel that will be out of style in a short time period, keep the design neutral and timeless. 2. If possible keep as much natural light coming into your bathroom, it gives what is typically a small room a sense of openness and extra light. 3. Open shelving allows you to add decor and bathroom necessities together to create style. This is the best way to keep from having drawers full of stuff. 4. Don’t feel like you have to buy an expensive vanity, a vintage dresser or cabinet works perfectly and adds character. Flash sale websites like GiltHushHush and Hayneedle are great for picking up a bargain on furniture like this. 5. Adding a gallery wall to very small powder room will not only make it feel larger, but is a way to add design without bulky decor.

Be careful what you get yourself into when enjoying these perfectly executed potties, they may send you into a remodeling mindset…

Bohemian Treehouse


Brown Button

Interior Junkie



Interior Junkie


Commented on Thursday, September 19, 2013

El primero y el último son espectaculares.

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Clayton Gray Home
Commented on Thursday, September 19, 2013

The copper accents are stunning! Beautiful bathrooms!

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