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I think it’s cute when people tell me that they are scared to introduce black into their space. Mostly because black is as timeless as it gets. You might want to frightened to add salmon or coral or even plum to your entire home. But black? It really is harmless AND can be paired with any other color. To be honest, black and white is a color palette that has always had me at hello. Of course I tend to introduce color to my space, but dream of a second home with a consistent palette of B&W. Emilie Bédard and Maria Rosa Di Ioia turned a 1910’s triplex situated in Montreal, Canada into a modern masterpiece. They did a breathtaking job at keeping the space monochromatic. And that bathroom is stupid cool! It shows that you can definitely mix black and white with wood tones. And they mixed chrome with brass which also works well together. We can see that they are not afraid of mixing material and textures.

To keep a space like this from feeling sterile and cold, incorporate light and dark wood tones. Another important detail is lighting. Your lighting can make or break your space. Sites like Homeclick offer a plethora of lighting options to create a cozy yet modern space. If you have a lot of chrome and silver in your home, incorporate a little brass here and there to warm your space up. Also, introduce warm textures like wool and fur to keep your home from feeling cold.

See more of this home here.

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  1. Hi Kristen……I agree about peoples reaction to Black…..they just can’t go there. One of the things I push on my site is…..if you want really good design….you have to move out of that box your head is in!
    People just freak at taking chances with there house….it’s like a sacred space…..and one should not muck around with what is common & acceptable! Oh well….check out my site and the B&W with ntural Maple Theme in my Keystone Living room…..I think you’ll like it. (It happens to be my own house…unlike the rest of the portfolio)
    Anyway I love your taste…..and this house is just outstanding…..I shall pinn them with great enthusiastic appreciation of Good Taste!
    Steve………… site: http://scwinchester.com
    (let me know what you think)