Inspiration {Serene Space}…

When I thought I was tired of seeing all white spaces, I found this beautiful home. It feels so serene and open. I always love when black and brown are used in the furniture and accessories. I also love when color is splashed around a white space. White creates the perfect backdrop for all of those awesome belongings to pop. If you ever wondered how you can get this look, you’re going to have to be brave and paint your space bright white. The easiest way to paint an entire room, floor to ceiling is with paint spray tools, like airless sprayers. This is for the strong in heart only.

Could you live in an all white space?

Image via Line Thit Klein.

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  1. My initial reaction was a resounding “YES!” Then reality kicked back in and I remembered I have a husband and two little girls. Maybe in the very far off future I’d be willing to live in an all white space – as long as there were some pops of color. For now, though, I’ll enjoy having my home bright with traces of my kids scattered about.