Inspiration {she had us at hello}…

I saw this home tour over on Morning’s Light and FELL IN LOVE!!  It comes from she had us at hello, which I am new too and already a huge fan.  Go tour her blog and see more of this delightful house here.

5 comments on “Inspiration {she had us at hello}…

  1. JohannaK on said:

    Oh so lovely! I´m inspired! :)

  2. Love, love those table legs and the wire art! ;)

  3. Julie-Inspired on said:

    What an absolute dreamy living room…I kinda splurged today in West Elm, let’s just say come a couple hours from now my bedroom and bathroom will look v.e.r.y. different, not sure why I shared that except that West elm has so much white everywhere and that living room reminded me of it!!

  4. hi kirsten, thanks so much for the lovely post. just had a meandering wander through your beautiful space and have definitely developed my own blog crush. d

  5. Love the rooms! Especially the living room!! I love the contrast of the roughly finished wood shutters (?) behind the white ones. That looks so cool! The sofas look like their floating… especially with the open view behind them.

    Had me at hello, indeed…. xo

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