Inspiration {Sheepskin Rugs}…

These cozy, beautiful rooms, seen on My Scandinavian Home, would be a little less cozy without those plush sheepskin rugs keeping the stylish chairs company. I have a few sheepskins around my house and let me tell you, they are always in use! My kids each have one that they drag around every room. So if you are looking for a little more warmth in your home, I highly suggest these!


4 comments on “Inspiration {Sheepskin Rugs}…

  1. Harmony on said:

    Precioso todo.

  2. Jessica on said:

    When it gets cold I want to put sheepskin rugs on all of the things. ;D

  3. Where is that chair in the 2nd image from? It’s brilliant.

  4. my scandinavian home on said:

    Thank you for showing my home here and for the lovely comments. I actually found the chair in the middle picture at a flee market here in Malmö, Sweden for 20 euros, such a find! :)

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