Inspiration {Shelving}…

Floating shelves or book shelves?  Skinny or wide?  Tall or low?  So many options!  I am in the process of figuring out storage and shelving in my home.  I am instantly attracted to low floating shelves, though I think chunky shelving that fills a wall is beautiful.  What do you prefer?

via Bright.Baazar, vt wonen, pinterest, Elle Decor and seesaw.

2 comments on “Inspiration {Shelving}…

  1. Shari on said:

    I think the very first photo is my favorite shelving solution. I like the open feel of those shelves… how they’re low, and expansive. I also like the chunky shelving units in the middle photo. Especially set against that black wall… very striking!

    Good luck making your decisions!

  2. JoAnna on said:

    Love the first picture!

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