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Most people would agree that finding the perfect sofa is like finding a white tack in shag carpet.  It can be difficult, daunting, frustrating and it can hurt the wallet.  I know, cause I’ve been there.  This post won’t really help your search….sorry.  But it can help your creative juices!  The biggest factor is finding the right material that will work for you.  If you have kids, you probably want something that cleans really easy.  Anyways, good luck on your next sofa search!

Images via Wood & Wool Stool Flickr, Pinterest and Marie Claire Maison.


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  1. I know that this was a post about finding the right sofa, but I was drawn to the “Old” hand cart, that was converted to a table, nice!!

  2. I have six kids and everyone thinks my white slip covers are impractical but I love them because I can throw them in the washer with whitener whenever I need to. Can’t do that with other colors be ause I would worry about fading. But yes they are ikea. So not so expensive thank goodness.