Inspiration {Solid Frog}…

So many great things to see in this fantastically elegant home found on Solid frog.

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Comments (4)

  1. Mmmm… very cozy! I LOVE that black Oriental cabinet. I have one that’s black with burl insets in the door and drawers, and an old bronze medallion at the latch. It’s lovely, but I had to leave it in California…. wish there were nice auctions around here!

    Thanks for sharing… I am currently in love with soft warm greys! (Maybe because it reminds me of my bunny, Flopsy, that I had when I was 19… so soft, loving and warm!)

  2. Pretty.Pretty…I just bought an antique chair identical to that last one. They only had one, and I really wanted two…looks like I’ve found where the other got to!