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Elle Decor Spain

Regardless of your design style or aesthetic including art into your space is a fun way to create a focal point and is always a good idea. The way you prefer to style art will vary depending on your styling taste and degree of boldness. If you are searching for some inspiration to style art in your home, I have no doubt within these options will be a solution for you!

Keep it full of texture (above): In rather neutral spaces an art piece full of texture and opposing grains creates a great balance, with stunning after thought.

Signed By Tina

Keep it colorful: Many of you are drawn to this image because you know you want to add all your favorite colors but don’t know how to do it without overdoing it. One large piece of colorful art will surely cure the craving.

Apartment Therapy

Keep it patterned: For those of you that are not fond of abstract or free direction art will enjoy a large geometric pattern to give your vignette an organized feel.

Veronica Loves Archie

Keep it near sunlight: But not direct sunlight, the art near the open window draws the eyes to the hues and shadows of this incredible piece.

Design Love Fest

Keep it busy: Pair your large piece with other small (but as equally inspiring) pieces to have a lot going on in your space. And by a lot going on, I mean complete and utter gorgeousness.

Front & Main

Keep it simple: Naturally, many of you fall for this “matchy” art feel. Keep a strict color palette and neutral design for this look. Which is as stunning as ever in its simplest form.


Keep it on canvas: There are some art lovers out there that just cannot do large frames. And I don’t blame you. Canvas art will yield a raw and original feel and looks breathtaking in softer spaces because it creates such a contrast.


Keep it B&W: You might find yourself loving this black and white piece, and for good reason. This stunner will take your space to the next modern level, as do most strictly black and white pieces. Keep in mind a black and white piece will look amazing in both colorful and neutral spaces and will bring the contemporary out in either.


Keep it personal: Let your oversized art tell something about you. This beautiful piece creates a statement about the love for cars or maybe even that specific car. This piece might be so personal that the car featured is the owner’s car! With this option, the sky is the limit. Put up your passions to remind yourself what you love and for your visitors to admire.

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  1. I have been on the hunt for an oversized photograph for one particular wall in my house that has seriously been neglected since I moved in. But goodness everything I have found is so expensive. However, I do love all of these ways to display art in a really meaningful way.