Inspiration {Tidy Shelves}…

Happy Monday friends!  Here’s a little dining room love for us all.  I can’t get over how neat and tidy those shelves are, even with all of the items collected!  Lovely.

See the rest of this beautiful home here.

7 comments on “Inspiration {Tidy Shelves}…

  1. Sandra on said:

    Ahhh the Scandinavians – there is something about their design. This Norwegian home is lovely! I like the ceramic origami-like folded paper look on one of the shelves in the later shots.

    And the balance of colour/texture to the offwhite items – just the perfect balance.

    Although I do like the look of the open shelving for kitchen items it sooooo wouldn’t work for me! Dust, dust and more dust…sniff…

  2. kurt @ design furnace on said:

    nothing like a great set of curated shelves. why do mine always looks like they were merchandised by the mad professor!

  3. deneise b on said:

    love organization!

  4. Julie-white tapestry on said:

    I need to tidy my shelves…since my kitchen doesn’t have one cabinet and everything is exposed, it’s a constant job for me to keep it all looking fresh.

  5. kelly@refresheddesigns. on said:

    Yup, love a tidy yet interesting bookshelf like this one. I am always re-arranging mine throughout the house to find a new look.

  6. simplygrove on said:

    Oh wow! You have your work cut out for you, Julie!

  7. simplygrove on said:

    Yes, you sure would run into dust!:)

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