This stunning home, located in Finland, has a great combo of color and texture. When I first saw this home on The Style Files, I was immediately attracted to the dining area. I love the combo of the brass pendant with the colorful art. It’s a good example of how mixing colors and textures should happen. I’ve heard from a lot of clients that this white of a home wouldn’t work for their family and their needs. It’s definitely for a specific audience. I personally could definitely do it, with a lot of added color. Home of colour paint range has a variety of colors for color fanatics like me.

This book shelf adds some great color by using the spines of the books.

Also, a big fear for creating a space like this is, do you have to use an interior designer to create this look? It most certainly helps but doesn’t have to be a must. Homebase decorators can add an eye for the details and the cohesiveness of a space. Sometimes if you live in a space for a long time, you lose inspiration. I know! I’ve had it happen many times.

What do you think of this home? Could you live here?


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