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Picking out the perfect wood flooring is a big deal and can sometimes feel daunting. I’m really fond of these watermill white oak with a custom finish floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. They’re a good balance of rustic meets industrial. I bet they hide dirt really well. Below is more wood floor inspiration.

Image 1,2,3,4.



3 comments on “Inspiration {Wood Floors}…

  1. Tricia on said:

    You are so right those wide plank floors are perfect. They look modern and probably wont show the dirt and footprints like the dark floors I love so much. Plus I love the wide planks.

  2. in my place of work- we have had natural oak floors, then they were stained dark dark dark. Now they are pickled and look an awful lot like the first photo. The dark were a nightmare. Especially in the winter. The pickled floors are a dream. They hide dirt, and when they get scratched, they look even better!

  3. simplygrove on said:

    Good to know, Anna!

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