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Last week we had a blast on vacation!!  This week, I have been watching my twin nephews (pictured is Regan) and they have been keeping us busy busy busy but I am loving every moment of it.  Pictured above is a few Instagram’s from last week.  If you look closely, you’ll see that Eden’s nose is a little red.  Yeah, she had a giant fall and that precious nose of hers is slowly healing.

I hope that you all enjoyed everyone’s favorite spaces!  So much beautiful inspiration.  Thank you everyone who participated!

See you on Monday!

I also write for 2 Modern…

Cool hotel lobby.

And Cool Mom Picks…

Fun idea’s for a child’s birthday party.
Oh Joy and Winter Water Factory.
A great bag.
Vintage paper doll pillows.
Cute kids clothes for the summer.
A stylish kids table.
Lovely animal prints for your child’s bedroom.

And BHG Style Spotters…

Runway to color palette…let’s go green.

One comment on “Instagram that…

  1. callie grayson on said:

    love instagram.
    oh no! hope Eden heals quickly. She has such beautiful hair! I hope to get mine that long by end of summer.

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