Interview with Jessica Alba…

I know that this is a little late in the game, but never too late to chat about, right?? This past Alt, I had the opportunity to interview the GORGEOUS Jessica Alba and learn more about her and The Honest Company. What a treat it was. She is a beauty inside and out. And you know what I loved most about her? How much she loves her daughters. The moment we started talking about mommy-hood, she lit up like a light bulb. It’s her passion, and I appreciate that! I was just thinking yesterday that if more parents put an emphases on being great and loving parent, I bet that crime would go down, broken hearts would be mended and people would be a lot more happy. Anyways…

Jessica and I chatted a bit about interior design. Being one of her passions, she had a lot to say about the decor of her homes. Of course that was so fun to hear. She told me that she talks alot about interior design in her upcoming book, The Honest Life. So decor lovers, keep your eye open for that!

What makes me appreciate all that Jessica does is that she does it with such class. She’s an A-list celebrity, an entrepreneur  a mom, and everything she does comes across so positive.

I’m also a huge fan of The Honest Company. Though I don’t have babies, I’m a cleaning product fanatic. These products smell good, look good and clean good. Everything you need in a product. I also LOVE the bath and body line. I can’t live without the face and body lotion. Jessica and her team are passionate about their products which always makes the best impression for the buyer. I’ll be buying for a long time to come!

See you all on Monday! xxoo

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  1. I would probably faint if I got to meet her. It’d be nice and embarrassing.

  2. I totally agree it is sad how so many little kids are mistreated! Children by the age of 6 are greatly influenced for their entire life by their experiences.