Introducing tri_ANGLES…

Hi friends!!!!!  I want to introduce you to tri_ANGLES, the perfect triangle decal.   I have recently collaborated with Urbanwall to create these modern triangle decals. They are fun and super easy to apply!  You have the authority to display them however you desire.  Some ideas being in a cluster, in a specific design or just evenly laid out for a wallpaper effect.  Being a renter, I understand how important it is to use products that are temporary.  Urbanwall, being the decal heaven they are, also understand the temporary rule.  That’s why we think you’ll appreciate these!

Go here to purchase.


Happy decal shopping!!  xxoo

8 comments on “Introducing tri_ANGLES…

  1. hannah on said:

    i love these!!! modern, simple, and it’s so great that they’re temporary :)

  2. Will @ Bright.Bazaar on said:

    Perfect for renters – fab!

  3. so exciting…. love these!
    xo . t

  4. Savannah on said:

    Where can I purchase these at? I love them!

  5. How wonderful! Love them.

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  7. Bethany - Powell Brower Home on said:

    this is SUPERDUPER cute. i love the bonne nuit

  8. Kate Marshall on said:


    I am interested in purchasing the triangles but just had 2 questions. How do you order them? Is it in terms of meterage or do I just order the exact number of triangles that I want. Can you mix colours in the one order?
    If you could come back to me that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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