Jen Jones Welsh and Blankets…

These Jen Jones Welsh Quilts and Blankets are delightfully perfect.  I need a few right now to cuddle with cause I’m sneezing and blowing my nose like a mad woman!

via The Shiny Squirrel.

7 comments on “Jen Jones Welsh and Blankets…

  1. Cassie on said:

    I’ve been eying these as well. The color combinations are so perfect!

  2. kalah on said:

    i want one too!!

  3. NordicBliss on said:

    Uhm yes please. Can I have the first one in the second pile? Beautiful!

  4. Susan Hazel on said:

    These are so great! I want one too!

  5. callie grayson on said:

    I adore welsh blankets, I hope to one day have a nice collection of them.

  6. Caitlin on said:

    Love these blankets! Such a find.

  7. amourette on said:

    I am LOVING these

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