Just sayin…

Wait, is that some backwards books??  Just sayin…

image via Skona Hem.

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  1. haha! that is so funny! i hadn’t seen your previous post about the backwards books but those comments totally cracked me up. like turning books around is a crime. seriously, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about what looks good and your books aren’t hurting anybody. i personally like the more unified, neutral look rather than all the varied colors. i had my books turned around in our previous house and really liked it. it did make my husband wonder though…=) thanks for a laugh.

  2. hehe,
    I love it, backwards books. Just so you know, I re-arrangement my books all the time with books backwards in honour of you! Did them again this weekend!!

  3. I love it when a brilliant design idea is validated like that! Keep bucking the ordinary!

    Just as unpredictable as the pages-out books are, I have a gorgeous vintage lamp shade frame with a tortoise finial that I’ve been hanging on to for the perfect spot. A brightly colored cord + an Edison bulb is going to equal a terrific light fixture! I love your style.

  4. I wonder why people have to always feel “right” about things? Just relax, let the books be backwards, or the cords show, and do what you like in your own home! Have a sense of humor about life, just to spare yourself the heart attack…. (I’m talking about the lady who commented on “gold gilt” ha ha, on her books.)

    I love whimsy and quirkiness, personally…. life is for living! not preaching! Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox now.



    p.s. love the backwards books! I think I’d write the titles on the edges in pencil. … waiting for the criticism to start…