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Kitchen Storage Solutions and Innovations

Via Simply Grove

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An uncluttered kitchen with plenty of storage is a dream to work in. Having everything in its proper place makes preparing, cooking and even cleaning easier and more fun. Inadequate storage is a common kitchen problem. Although you might not have your dream kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to fit your entire cooking arsenal. When we first moved into our 1957 ranch home, we knew that we needed to gut the kitchen and completely start over. It was outdated and storage was completely inadequate. Because it’s an alley kitchen and not very big, we needed to get creative with storage, so we started looking at ways to add practical solutions to what was already built.  When thinking about organizing your kitchen, focus on creating plenty of storage. When kitchen items aren’t crammed into a few cabinets, kitchen storage can add to your décor. Open kitchen shelving can display spices, sugar and flour jars and other traditional kitchen items. Wine racks, knife racks, fruit bowls and other accents can all be proudly arranged to showcase your kitchen and cooking skills. The first priority of kitchen storage is to have a place to stow your items, but the best-designed kitchens always use storage as its own decorative element. Below are my favorite kitchen storage solutions for you to steal for your own kitchen.

  1. Add roll-out trays to make your life much much easier. We renovated our kitchen and kept the original cabinets. With a fresh coat of paint, they look good as new. But they are not the most storage savvy. Adding roll-out trays created a seamless unit for us to store exactly what we needed. It’s amazing how much more you can store when stored correctly. KraftMaid has all of the accessories that you would ever need for your kitchen. I am loving their roll-out trays!


2. Use floating shelves to stack your favorite dishware and glassware collections. It seems impractical, but floating shelves have allowed us to use a storage idea and make it aesthetically pleasing. I displayed a collection of white dinnerware on my floating shelves and it looks beautiful! You can also display your glassware for easy access!

3. Pull-out trash cans have made all of our lives so much easier! They hide unattractive bins and free up floor space, while the side nook can house trash bags and ties. So simple and so easy! I highly recommend this for every kitchen. Check this slim wastebasket out. It’s super functional!

4. Using a spice caddy with bottles keeps your spices accessible and easy to tuck away when not being used. KraftMaid has the dreamiest spice caddy available! This portable caddy can be used when traveling to the grill or prep counter, and then just as easily can be returned and put away.

5. Store your cutting board, and only bring it out when needed. This is one of those details that really makes the counter space clean and tidy. When you store it, just make sure that you clean it accordingly before closing it away. This KraftMaid chopping block is a brilliant accessory for the kitchen.

Kitchens can be made into beautiful, functional spaces that allow you to only worry about what you’re going to cook for dinner!

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