La Petite Mag {Issue 5}…

Issue 5 of La Petite Magazine is out, as of Monday!  This is my favorite issue thus far.  My cousin, Rachelle, and her team have created such a beautiful spread!  You must check it out.  (Eden and I had fun doing a Sunglass DIY, seen below)

3 comments on “La Petite Mag {Issue 5}…

  1. Amanda on said:

    This magazine is so great…where can I get a copies? And the glasses, you to are a power house mom and daughter duo :)

  2. Kenziepoo on said:

    Eden is a doll! Love her! Loved what you came up with for the DIY!

  3. moll ruth on said:

    that magazine was fabulous! i really enjoyed looking at it last night when my twin toddlers were in bed!

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