June 7, 2013

Lately on Instagram: Now that school is out, Eden wants to do a whole lotta this.

Pantone always gives us the best color choices. I have my eye on some of those greens!

Who doesn’t love a good peonie???

It’s hot here and thankfully a lot of our parks have great water features.

Mr. Tree has been in our living room but I decided to see what he looked like by our front door. LOVE.

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Everyone needs a little color in their lives. Try this color palette!

Decorating with yellow in your modern kitchen.

My kids space totally re-done.

See you soon!! xxoo

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Emily Wigemilyemilynemilyall
Commented on Friday, June 7, 2013

love that tree by your front door too! kind of makes me want to move mine outdoors. hmmm…..

Commented on Friday, June 7, 2013

Emily- you should!

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