June 18, 2013

Image via Interior Clip.

Today let’s talk laundry. Wait, don’t tune me out! It can actually be a fun chore if using the right products. Laundry is the one house chore that I have to stay on top of. If not, the pile gets bigger, the clothes get dirtier and I get majorly stressed out. A laundry rule that I abide by is “the grass is always greener on the lawn”. Nothing is worse than finding a stain on my kids shirt that just won’t come out. Are you with me?? Martha has some of the best tips (here) when it comes to getting stains out. I swear I’ve used them as references for years! Also, as far as a laundry product goes, Tide HE provides excellent cleaning with the right level of sudsing for high-efficiency washers. It creates few suds and disperses quickly to get great cleaning performance with only a fraction of the amount of water used in traditional machines.


Now that I’ve preached Laundry to you, do you have any laundry rules to share?

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