Lavender Festival…

Last Saturday we attended a Lavender Festival outside of Boise, in Nampa.  We cut our own Lavender, ate Lavender ice cream, drank Lavender Lattes and I even brought home a Lavender cookie recipe.  The cookies didn’t quite work out (Ethan dry heaved and Eden said “good try mom”) but I think I know what to change for next time.

I may be a bit lavender’ed out…:)

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Comments (5)

  1. I adore the smell of lavender on my linens, so clean and fresh.
    I have never tried lavender cookies, but I will take the “Ethan dry heaved” to heart and not try them 🙂

  2. I HATE ALL, let me say it again, ALL things Lavender. Ha I’ve tried for years. My whole family goes to the festivals every year…except me. They forced one of the cookies on me (ok tricked me) and I too almost lost it 😉 What a shame since it’s such a pretty little thing…

  3. Erica and David Catlett and fam are here and David is so allergic to lavender? Not me. The latte sounds amazing, and the fragrance reminds me of rest. The pix always bring great joy to the day too! xo

  4. I love your photos and I’m sorry to admit, but I have no clue how you take such retro looking pictures. Can you share your secret? Is there an app for Blackberry or iPhone to take such cool looking pictures? Thanks!!