Less Is More

via simply grove

I was in Italy all last week, attending Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings. It was a fantastic trip, which I will share more about soon. In the midst of the trip, we visited some beautiful places where the architecture spoke for itself. I mean, it’s Italy.

This sunroom with it’s gorgeous tile work reminds me of the places that we visited. I’m sure this tile is handmade. It’s definitely not under appreciated!

via simply grove

via simply grove

Spaces like this don’t need a lot of fluff to create something beautiful. Less is more and less can be beautiful.

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  1. The tile floor and stained glass skylight are beautiful! I love the simplicity of the color scheme and how it allows you to appreciate the floors and those big windows. I’d move in!

  2. I absolutely agree. I’m moving in one month and can’t wait to minimize all of the things I have to only own things I love.

    Such great inspiration here!


  3. The simplest spaces are often the most beautiful! When decorating, it can be too easy to develop clutter. It’s best to keep clutter in check so that the room will have a more open feel.