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Little Worker…

This last Friday, I worked at Brass Razoo and my partner in crime, Eden Jo, worked with me.  She was quite the little worker!  (You would be proud, Elise.)  Eden asked people if they needed dressing rooms and if she could carry their items to the dressing room.  She swept the floor and dusted the furniture.  She even tried to seal the deal with a couple who were looking at a Simply Grove dresser.  She almost got the sale but they couldn’t come to an agreement at the last minute.  Good try!!
When the store was empty of customers, we practiced our mirror poses.  Eden has mastered quite a few.  She seems to favor the hand on the hip.  Oh Eden Jo!

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  1. What a little cutie…she’s going to be quite the hard worker and little already looks like a little diva! I love the eagerness that children have…so into learning the details. Enjoy your Monday:)

  2. She’s too cute. She reminds me so much of my little sister. Careful! She’s now 13 and she’s a bit of a handful. It keeps life interesting though 😉

  3. She’s the cutest, and I agree she has those poses completely mastered!

    BTW, Israel tried to walk by your house the other day the your neighbor’s dog scared the pee out of me so we turned back around the corner. Why do they keep a dog on their front patio that charges young mom’s with their babies?!